Olga C. Santos

Olga C. Santos

Research Center Director

Olga is an UNED's Artificial Intelligence Department Associate Professor. She is also the Coordinator of the Master on Research on Artificial Intelligence, Deputy Director on Management and Academic Organization at UNED Computer Science School and current President of the IAIED (International Artificial Intelligence Education) Society. Promoter also of the ITEAD Chair.


Miguel Portaz

Research Center Chief Of Staff

Miguel has an extensive professional background as a Manager of Business Development teams, working for various technology multinational companies. Currently, he is part of the Artificial Intelligence Department as a Researcher for the HUMANAID project and serves as the Science Communication Officer for the IAIED Society.


Ángeles Manjarrés

UNED Labor Staff Representative

Angeles is an UNED's Artificial Intelligence Department Associate Professor.


Maribel Valero

UNED External Staff Representative

Maribel is the academic and science coordinator at the UNED's Alzira-Valencia Associate Centre. She also exercises innovative leadership as Head of the IT Coordination Unit at the Valencian Anti-Fraud Agency, where, in consideration of her work and actions in the fight against fraud and corruption, she has been awarded the Silver Badge of Honour. In addition, as a proactive member of the Board of Directors of ATIAL, she contributes to the development and recognition of IT professionals in the public administration. Specialist in computer forensics and cybersecurity. Promoter of the ITEAD Chair.


Jon Etxeberria San Millan

Jon Echeverria

UNED Student Staff Representative

Jon is PhD candidate in Intelligent Systems. CEO of KUMITRON, an Artificial Intelligence project applied to the teaching of psychomotor skills. Business Manager at PhyUM.

Raúl Cabestrero

UNED Associate Professor

Raúl is member of several local and international scientific associations in the field of cognitive neuroscience and eye-movements: SEPEX (Spanish Society of Experimental Psychology); COGAIN (Communication by Gaze Interaction); EMRA (Eye Movement Researchers' Association).

Pilar Quirós

UNED Associate Professor

Pilar is an UNED's Psychology Department Contracted Professor.

Alberto Casas Ortiz

Alberto Casas

Scientific Software Engineer

Alberto is a Scientific Software Engineer with extensive experience in the health and AI fields in Spain, Canada and the United States. Currently, Alberto is a Scientific Software Engineer for Athlete Performance Research at Stanford University and a PhD student in Intelligent Systems at UNED. Alberto's background within the health sector includes working on psychomotor learning, biomechanics, population genetics, telemedicine, and pharmacovigilance.

Mar Hermosilla

Lawyer / International Consultant

Mar is a lawyer and international consultant, expert in Gender Equality, Human Rights and ICT ethics and legislation. She is an evaluator for the European Commission and International Consultant for the Council of Europe (e.g. CEPEJ-GT-CYBERJUST: Project on "Development of a study on online mediation in criminal matters"). She is a member and researcher of the HUMANAID project within the psychomotor learning scenario.

Luis Francisco Pérez Villegas

Luis Perez-Villegas

Senior Software Engineer

Luis is a software engineer with 10 years of experience in delivering high-quality, user-centered software solutions, with a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence, which comes from the desire to contribute meaningfully to this thriving and critical revolution that is changing our lives.

Sonia Valladares Rodríguez

Sonia Valladares

USC Assistant Professor

Alberto Corbí Bellot

Alberto Corbi

UNIR Associate Professor

Alberto has a PhD in Physics from the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (joint center of the University of Valencia and the Higher Council for Scientific Research) and a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in Physical Oceanography from the Catholic University of Valencia.

Alejandro Cerdá

Alejandro Cerdá

Director of the Alzira-Valencia Associated Center

Director of the Alzira Valencia Francisco Tomas y Valiente Associated Center of the UNED since 2016 and Director of the East-Central Campus of said University since 2019. Promoter of the ITEAD Chair.


Javier Muñoz Visedo

Master Student

More to be announced