Phy+Aik: Physics + Aikido

Phy+Aik (Physics + Aikido) is a proposal to design an intelligent psychomotor system for a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) kinesthetic learning scenario to support the learning of Physics with the practice of Aikido.

EMo2Cla: Emotions & Movements in the Classroom

EMo2Cla aims to explore how to adapt and improve the teaching/learning processes that take place physically in the classroom through affective computing using physiological and inertial sensors. The key issue here is combining the affective computing with the movements students make during the learning activity.


KSAS: Kenpo Set Assisting System

KSAS (Kenpo Set Assisting System) is an application to learn martial arts movements in online settings using neural networks and an Android device located as a wearable in any part of the body.


KUMITRON reinforces individual, pair or group learning of skills related to sport, initially karate with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). It offers a more intensive and precise training thanks to the information collected useful for the athlete and his/her trainer also allowing the effective supervision of groups of various athletes.